Why the Starbucks App is Driving Away Customers

February 7, 2017

Technology is supposed to make life easier – but what happens when it actually makes things more complicated?

Starbucks is forced to answer that exact question thanks to their mobile app, which allows customers to order drinks before arriving. This capability has two problems: 1) The mobile customers expect their orders to be ready the second they breeze through the door, regardless of how busy the store is and, 2) It alienates regular in-store customers and makes them feel less important.

Interestingly enough, Starbucks has been combatting this issue not with more technology, but rather with more people to help man the stores and text customers when their orders are ready. The AppPartner team supports smart app features that will impress customers, and in Starbuck’s case that might mean scaling back and reevaluating priorities.

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