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Skoozi wanted to connect every-day-fans with their favorite celebrities. They knew celebrities were looking to monetize their following on social media, either for themselves or charity, but they also believed that fans would be willing to pay a premium for a small slice of their favorite celebrity’s time, as long as the final price point was affordable.


Skoozi asked App Partner to design, develop, and deploy a mobile-centric platform that supported video transfers, live video chats, and an mCommerce system that enabled celebrities to manage their own micro-appearances.


Our visual design team created a bespoke product identity for Skoozi. First we conducted market research on the competitive landscape and on the product’s specific user demographics. We identified design principles that might evoke an emotional response of exclusivity and excitement in users. Through successive iterations we refined the logo design and produced a comprehensive style guide detailing color palette, typography, and visual elements.

Listening to the Users

The first step in designing the software was to define three distinct user types. The largest portion of the user base would be the “Fan” users who purchase the celebrity appearances. The “Talent” users would be a much smaller group—only a few dozen—but with very specific needs that the software must meet. Then there are the Skoozi “Administrator” users, who would need a Content Management System capable of monitoring the app’s activity and supporting their day-to-day business activities. By considering the user types at the forefront, we were able to develop optimized experiences across the mobile and web interfaces.


Skoozi required a payment system where sub-merchants (in this case celebrities) directly charge users (in this case fans) and Skoozi only takes a % of the transaction as their fee. Thanks to App Partner’s extensive experience integrating payment systems we were able to seamlessly design & integrate a system where fans can easily pay with Apple Pay, credit cards, or Venmo and then the platform automatically handles the distribution of those funds to wherever the Celebrity chooses, whether it’s a charity or their manager. The system was also designed to support promo codes and the processing of refunds.