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JusMove wanted to launch a social network targeted at the dance-enthusiast community. A place for them to connect, share user-generated dance videos, and even submit their videos into ongoing competitions with cash prizes.


App Partner assisted JusMove through every phase of their startup process. It started with a high-fidelity interactive prototyping phase, then once the idea was validated and funded it moved into a MVP development phase to bring it to market, and after launch as it started to gain tens of thousands of users it moved into an ongoing agile process where we continuously collaborated on regular feature updates.

Monetization through Credits

JusMove’s monetization and user acquisition strategy revolved around the contest system. They would put up a notable cash prize each month and after some free entries charge users for contest entries. App Partner built a system which allowed users to purchase credits to be used towards contest submissions. Through a web-based content management system that we custom developed JusMove admins were able control to remotely control in real-time the price of these credits.

Ramping Up Development To Match Their Growth

After successfully attracting an engaged initial user base in the months after launch, getting a celebrity endorsement from a well-known community YouTube personality, and securing a second funding route valuing the young startup at over $7 million it was imperative to quickly ramp up development and keep their momentum going. We began a series of ongoing agile sprints that gave the Client the flexibility to quickly re-arrange his feature priorities on the fly while going through a process that focused on producing high-quality well-researched updates. The end result? Faster progress, happy users, and a better quality product!

Overhauling the Voting System

The initial concept for Jusmove dance contests had videos battling head-to-head. In the v1 release users would see two random content videos on the screen, play each of them, and decide which was the best. After we studied user response, it became clear that users actually wanted to scroll through a feed of videos and cast their votes for their favorites.

Making the change required substantial changes to the backend system. To make matters more complicated, the new voting interface had to work across both iOS and Android. Our development team coordinated to build and test the voting system overhaul across platforms, before the big deployment on both.