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Conair approached App Partner about developing the companion iOS & Android mobile app for their first bluetooth-connected smart scale. They needed a team with extensive hardware-pairing experience, the ability to deliver the high quality experience that customers of Weight Watchers & Conair have come to expect, all while meeting a tight production timeline. App Partner was up to the task.


In order to deliver on the tight schedule, without compromising quality, we decided to immediately start a coding sprint to put in place the technical infrastructure for the scale and app to communicate while in parallel conducting a collaborative strategy & design process with the client to finalize the ideal initial feature-set and ultimately produce quality high-fidelity mockups of all designs.

Working with Hardware

Our prior experience working with hardware was critical for delivering the fully-functional app on schedule because it allowed us to immediately begin work such as establishing a Classic Bluetooth connection to the scale, connecting to it over a typical RFCOMM Socket, creating a robust and dynamic data creation and parsing system, architecting an enhanced data store system, and more. We also knew to closely collaborate with the Chinese manufacturer to quickly troubleshoot unexpected issues that arose.

Competitive Research

For this project it was crucial to assess the existing competitor products on the market. We wanted to understand how our app could better serve users. Our user experience team tested out the highest rated smart scales and studied the strengths and weaknesses. We found areas where no one else was considering user needs. Among our successes, we are now one of the only smart scale apps with optimized tablet layouts.