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Black Car Fund wanted to completely redesign their mobile app so that it would be even faster and easier for their customers to submit insurance claims.


We started by auditing the existing app’s user experience to identify all of the current design’s pain points and recommend solutions. Once a final plan was agreed upon we re-designed & developed the iOS & Android apps from the ground up, ultimately delivering a cutting-edge mobile experience with enhanced functionality for their customers.

It’s All About Location

The Black Car Fund revolves around reporting car accidents, so one of our key recommendations was to modernize the existing map screen and make it a more central part of the experience. By allowing drivers to seamlessly move the map to the location of the accident instead of filling out fields, we’re able to save them time & frustration.

Using Mobile Sensor Data to Detect Collisions

Although the focus was primarily on re-designing existing functionality, one major new addition was the integration of 3rd party service Zendrive. When enabled, it allows the app to leverage the smartphone’s sensors to detect possible collisions and, if necessary, automatically send a call for emergency services.