Why NYC is the Best Place to Develop your App

April 14, 2017

New York is the best place to get your app developed. Between the thriving tech community and experienced agencies, you can’t go wrong with NYC.

Here at App Partner, we believe that New York is truly the best place to bring your app idea to life. In this article, we’ll be discussing why you should develop your app with an NYC development agency and how to compare and ultimately choose the best agency for your app. (As unbiased as possible). 

Why Develop an App with a New York City Agency?

The city that never sleeps offers a unique blend of business, marketing, and most importantly一tech! New York City is the largest urban center for tech startups, and the is the second-largest tech hub in the United States, right next to Silicon Valley. The booming tech sector has had an 18% growth rate over the past ten years and has created over 291,000 jobs in the process. Not to mention the city contributes over $124.7 billion in economic output.

For the first time in history, New York edged out California for the total number of startup funding applications, back in 2015. New York had a 22% increase in funding applications, propelling the Big Apple past California by 0.1%. Although Silicon Valley is still the number one tech sector in America, New York City is making its way to the top spotーand quickly.

Source: Kilograph

The state of New York has continued to show the tech world immense support by funding initiatives such as Urbantech NYC  and the highly anticipated Cornell Tech Campus. And growth shows no signs of slowing down.

Silicon Alley

New York staffing recruiter, Jason Denmark, coined the term ‘Silicon Alley’ in 1995 to easily refer to the boom of tech companies located in the Flatiron District. The “alley” refers to the passageway that connects Midtown to Lower Manhattan. It runs past the Flatiron building at Madison Square Park and Union Square into Soho.

Source: TheSquareFoot

If you take a look at the map above, you’ll see that the Alley is home to some of the biggest tech companies in NYC. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Tumblr, and Buzzfeed.

Silicon Alley is even beating Wall Street in NYC job growth. As of 2016, the city provides over 300,000 tech jobs and an additional 250,000 supporting jobs. Keep in mind, all of those positions are taken by only the most talented and creative people in the industry.

Funding is also exploding. “The first half of 2015 saw an unprecedented amount of venture dollars backing New York-based startups,” the New York Venture Capital Association said in a report released in August. The capital invested in the first half of 2015 increased 20% over the same period in 2014. With more funding opportunities, resources and space becoming available, more startups are becoming extremely interested in developing their products and services in the alley.

Brooklyn Tech Triangle

If you’re wondering, the fastest growing tech sector happens to be Brooklyn, with the number of jobs increasing by 83% in 2014 alone. Companies such as Kickstarter, Etsy and Vice call Brooklyn home along with hundreds of other innovative companies.

“The innovation economy is booming in the Tech Triangle. Now, with Downtown Brooklyn’s commercial vacancy rate hovering around 3%, it’s time for the City and private sector to harness the Tech Triangle’s incredible economic potential and tackle its office-space crisis head-on. Bottom line: the more space we create in the Tech Triangle, the more jobs we’ll spur.” – Tucker Reed, President of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership

Where do apps come into the picture? Well, some of the top revolutionary app startups are located/developed in NYC: Roomi, Talkspace, Button. And to name a few more apps that were developed in NYC here’s a small list: Airbnb, QuizUp, Forever 21, goTenna, Rent the Runway and Jet.

How to Compare and Choose Agencies

Vetting an app development agency isn’t as complicated as you think一as long as you know what you’re looking for. To save you time and additional research, we’ve compiled a list of the top five things to keep in mind when choosing the best development team for your app.

Reviews and References

Which of their clients have left online reviews and what are they saying? What do trusted review sites say about them? Are you able to get in touch with a reference? One of the first things you should research into is the developer’s reviews.

Listening to what past clients have to say about the agency will give you tremendous insight. Such as how they operate on a day to day basis, how they communicate with their clients, and if they stay true to their pitch before they sign on the dotted line.


Which brands and startups have they worked with in the past? What types of solutions did they provide? Reviewing the company’s portfolio will give you a glimpse of the quality and work that will go into your app.

After you first browse through the portfolio, take the next step of researching the apps they developed. How successful are they? Going hand in hand with the Reviews and References section, what are people saying about the app?


What is their focus? Retail, Enterprise, Startups, Web, Entertainment? By initially comparing agencies that specialize in your field, you’ll be able to save a lot of time that would have been spent on researching and contacting every business.

If an agency specializes with your app category, they’ll be able to give you advice based on their experiences of seeing similar products to market. They will already know what works and what doesn’t.

Outsourcing vs. Insourcing

Do they outsource development, or keep everything in-house? This is crucial to ask because if the company does outsource, they could be doing it because they have no expertise, experience, resources, or time. In the worst case scenario, they could be outsourcing to save money by utilizing cheap resources.

Here are a few problems that could arise from outsourced development:

  • Outdated Design
  • Outdated Code
  • Testing Problems
  • Communication Lags
  • Time Differences / Schedules

Have you ever played the game telephone as a kid? Well, unfortunately, that’s what it’s like working with agencies that outsource different tasks. There’s a high chance that you’ll end up with an app that doesn’t work the way you envision it because the quality would be relying on an agency that outsources to another agency that delegates to their employees. It can get messy very quickly.

New York has the greatest and most reliable designers and developers, so make sure you take full advantage of the city’s unique talent.


How long have they been around? How experienced are the individual members of their team? Working with seasoned veterans as opposed to a brand-new app development team will be one of the best ways to make sure you “get what you pay for.”

Additional Resources

For further research, we highly suggest you use Clutch.co. You’ll be able to analyze the Top New York App Development Matrix, obtain pricing info, and get a high-quality overview of each agency.  

You can also check out TheyMakeApps and search “New York” for a quick overview of a few local agencies and their portfolios.


Up and coming tech startups are flocking to New York like never before. If you’ve been hesitant about developing your app in the greatest city in the world, we hope this article convinced you otherwise!

If you’re ready to bring your app idea to life, we happen to know amazing app developers in Brooklyn.

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