Why Do We Work in Brooklyn?

January 14, 2015

Here at App Partner, “Made in Brooklyn” is more than a tagline or a trendy thing to say. We, and by extension our clients, enjoy real strategic benefits from our location in DUMBO that’s “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”.

When our leadership team was looking to establish our physical office, we knew being plugged into the good things happening in Brooklyn would be key for App Partner as a growing company. As it turned out, our location has given us a leg up on germinating new ideas, capturing collaborative opportunities and generating lift for our clients’ projects.

DUMBO: A Fast-Rising IT Hub …

New York City’s fastest growing industry – bigger than either media or retail – is technology, and the five boroughs are second only to Silicon Valley for cultivating tech startups. Brooklyn has been at the epicenter of NYC’s tech movement; the Brooklyn Tech Triangle (comprising DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Navy Yard) is rich in creative culture, cooperative thinking and infrastructure investment.

Within the Triangle, DUMBO is considered a hub of information technology. Essentially, what Wall Street is to finance and Madison Avenue is to advertising, DUMBO is to IT.

Centrally Located …

DUMBO is close enough to both established corporations and innovative startups to encourage a significant amount of cross-pollination. Getting to Google’s SoHo satellite office, for instance, takes us only a quick subway ride.

There’s also plenty of networking to be had without even leaving Brooklyn. We’re constantly discussing new ideas at lunch, over coffee or on the train. Many of the APIs and analytics platforms that we integrate into our apps were developed right here in Brooklyn, and we can always find a local, app-focused marketing agency to refer clients to. For most app development companies, collaboration means email and phone calls. Here in Brooklyn, it’s a trip to Grimaldi’s.

Attracting Investment …

Both public and private development organizations are investing in the flourishing Brooklyn community. The Nets basketball team relocated to Brooklyn in 2012, the Islanders hockey team is due to move here this year, the Brooklyn Brewery is garnering national accolades and the Barclays Center is in the running for housing the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Not to mention the Cornell Tech campus on nearby Roosevelt Island that’s opening in a couple years.

These kinds of large neighborhood assets are leading to a major improvement in infrastructure we rely on. That means access to some of the fastest Internet in the country, more office space, and improved public spaces to attract the best talent.

And Top-Notch Talent …

Ultimately, tech is a matter of talent; we’re only as good as our designers, developers and programmers. As a result, it’s a massive boost to be located within easy commuting distance of a huge amount of top-notch tech workers. Being in Brooklyn means we can handpick local talent, rather than outsourcing to cheap overseas providers.

Brooklyn has led all five boroughs in job growth every year for the last five years, and the people flocking to DUMBO are young, diverse forward-thinkers who love working in their neighborhood. They’re here because of firms like us, and we’re here because of talent like them. That’s why we’re proud to say that App Partner mobile apps truly are “Made in Brooklyn.”

— By Drew Johnson