National Retail Federation Says Mobile-First Key to Omnichannel

November 14, 2016

Despite rumors that “omnichannel” is being replaced by things like the “phygital” approach, the National Retail Federation recently published a profile of Facebook’s evolution as a lesson for retailers. The take-away: The best way for retailers to get closer to consumers is by following their lead.

The article covers Maz Sharafi’s presentation at Retail’s Digital Summit in Dallas, Texas. Sharafi is Facebook’s Director of Product Marketing and spoke extensively about Facebook’s own transition to a mobile-first company with an omnichannel approach.

While other companies were crafting still-silo-ed mobile-first strategies, Facebook was eliminating their mobile development team, making it the responsibility of every department to incorporate mobility as a philosophy. App Partner has advised retailers on similar approaches which begin with an assessment of business goals and audience before strategizing how mobile (or other solutions) may apply.

Sharafi breaks down the new truths for consumer behavior during the retail purchase journey, and offers six tips for developing an omnichannel strategy that retailers can use to minimize purchase friction, adapt promotions for mobile, market across devices, be relevant, increase long-term value and measure performance.

Learn more about creating a mobile-first, cross-device retail environment from National Retail Federation, here.

Then explore consumer behavior during the retail purchase journey.