Mobile App Design Tips from Big Brands

December 13, 2016

Often the best way to learn, especially for those visual and kinesthetic learners, is by seeing something and being able to manipulate it. This idea applies to developing your mobile design aesthetic as well. In a recent Forbes article, Gabriel Shaoolian evaluates the mobile apps for several big brands, including Ray-Ban, Urban Outfitters and Zeel, to illustrate what constitutes a successful app design.

Each of the big brands had a particular strength that made them standout. For example, Ray-Ban incorporated its brand throughout the app while also providing the functionality necessary for a killer user experience. At App Partner, we are passionate about developing apps that align with an established brand but with a functionality that will exceed users’ expectations. According to our mobile experts, the most important takeaway from the Forbes article was: Don’t just make an app for the sake of having an app for your brand; make sure you put the time, money and resources toward building a mobile experience that will satisfy users and keep them coming back for more.

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