Finding Investors For Your App

August 4, 2014

Today’s technology powers a diverse and vibrant community of aspiring app publishers. Almost everyone has a great idea for an application that could improve and enrich life for smartphone users everywhere.

Still, it takes a lot to bring an app from the initial inspiration to the final downloadable product. At App Partner, we’re dedicated to offering the best possible service at every stage of the process. One of the goals many of our clients want to achieve is securing funding from investors and other interested parties. Encouraging someone to sign on as a supporter isn’t always easy, especially when an app is in its earliest iterations. Nevertheless, with the new Design and Prototype Package from App Partner, great ideas can come alive for a fraction of the cost with a fully interactive prototype.

Showing off the best features of your app with a prototype and comprehensive graphic design is the best way to attract support. It’s also an effective method for soliciting feedback that can improve the app: put the prototype or the designs in the hands of users from the target demographic, and you can see potential issues before the app officially launches. Getting a head start is always smart when you need investors to back you: contact New York app developer App Partner to get started.