App Partner has profound skill in a variety of solutions-based technologies. These technologies are building blocks that allow us to accomplish our clients’ business goals by tackling complex problems with traditional, and some not-so-traditional, mobile strategies and features. Examples of our capabilities are listed below but we’re always exploring new technologies so if you’re looking to innovate, let’s talk.

  • Swift Development

    Despite the fact that we prefer doing local iOS advancement in Objective-C, we still have extensive experience creating in Swift. For certain projects, we leverage the added development speed that Swift offers without sacrificing the quality and depth of our development capabilities.

  • Wearables App Development

    If you’re considering the emerging wearables trend, look no further. We have developed for both the Apple Watch and a wide variety of Android Wear.

  • Apps for TV

    Want to extend your brand’s presence to the living room? We’re also able to develop for both Apple’s tvOS and Google’s Android TV platforms.

  • User Experience Design

    If you want a successful app you need an intuitive user experience design. We use research methods such as contextual inquiry, stakeholder interviews and customer journey mapping to help us deliver the perfect product. We also produce deliverables like user personas, user stories, feature lists and wireframes.

  • Interactive Prototyping

    We use prototyping software to develop high-fidelity simulation in order to test the product with users and validate. These simulations allow our clients to test-drive their mobile app before the project enters the development phase.

  • 3rd Party API Integration

    Whether it’s a popular or a lesser-known niche service, we always explore the various 3rd Party API tools available. We then identify the best match, and implement it in order to gain access to key functionalities that can enhance your app.

  • Native iOS Development

    Our high-quality native mobile app development capabilities for iOS, gives you the freedom to develop the cutting-edge mobile app you’ve always envisioned. We code in Objective-C through XCode and strive to work by Apple’s latest guidelines and best practices.

  • Native Android Development

    We have equally first-rate and complex-capable mobile app development capabilities for Google’s Android platform so you can have that same cutting-edge mobile app on Android. We code in Java through Android Studio and follow Android’s latest guidelines and best practices.

  • Unity 3D Development

    Looking to develop a cutting-edge virtual reality application? With Unity3D our developers can deliver the latest in multi-platform 3D development including advanced physics, multithreaded simulation, and lifelike animation.

  • PHP/MySQL Development

    We have extensive experience leveraging PHP/MySQL to setup and connect backend environments to multiple frontend clients including native mobile apps, mobile-optimized web apps, CMS, and any other platform you can envision.

  • UI Design

    We take pride in our top of the line design services. We create, but are not limited to: original visual designs for native app front ends, style guides and user interface kits. App Partner also designs animations and transitions, generates assets for development and documents data sheets for development.

  • Branding

    Based in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, we are creative trendsetters who will work with you until you have your desired product. We perform market research on the competitive landscape, then design original logos, and select the different artistic elements that make up a brand identity.

  • Chat Systems

    Whether it’s SMS, IM or push notifications, mobile users expect to communicate through their apps as simply and seamlessly as they do in real life. Our chat systems do exactly that.

  • Geofencing, Beacons & Location Services

    Location services are more than just the technology. We put precious time and energy into flawlessly developing beacons, geo-fencing and other location capabilities.

  • Social Media Integration

    Integrated mobile ecosystems are the future. We use our expertise in social media integrations to help develop and launch apps that eliminate silos and encourage cross-app functionality.

  • Hardware Integration

    Pairing mobile devices with third-party hardware can be complex and sensitive. App Partner, however, works meticulously to ensure the hardware and firmware is working throughout all stages of development.

  • Push Notifications

    Push notifications are a given for almost any mobile app project. Our team leverages our own basic proprietary platform to offer you free access to limitless push notifications and more robust third party tools such as AppBoy.

  • Third Party Payment Systems

    Whether it’s Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or Venmo, our team has experience integrating payment systems. If you need a basic credit card transaction or a more complex peer-to-peer system, we can implement a scalable payment system that matches your exact monetization plan.

  • Bluetooth LE & NFC

    Designed to meet the growing needs for our smartphones to communicate with the increasing number of devices around us, our team can creatively employ Bluetooth LE & NFC technology to solve a number of challenges for our clients.