So you’re a startup.

It’s going to take more than just a good idea to achieve success. That’s why App Partner offers flexible end-to-end startup services, including business strategy consulting and mobile app development. We match our capabilities to your needs wherever you are in the startup process.

1 Idea Stage

you're unfunded...for now.

App Partner Prototype Package

Where mobile startups get started.

With limited in-house technical expertise and budgets, it can be hard for startups to make the leap from concept to launched product. That’s why we offer an App Prototype Package. It’s a fast and effective early stage step every startup should take that can save time and money once you get into development.

Why start with an App Prototype Package? It’s simple.

Priced to fit.

Speed and budget are two critical factors for startups at this early phase. That’s why we streamlined the package into three fixed-price tiers based on the projected number of final screens in the interactive prototype. Which one works for you?

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2 Funding Stage

you've got some cash to put behind your concept.

3 Development Stage

funding secured, seatbelts buckled, ready to go.

Develop Your MVP

Building value, potential and metrics into your app from v1.

This is it. Time to build this thing. We wield our IP, design trendsetters and obsessive industry aces to help you create a solid foundation, intuitive user experience and on-point style to support your mobile business.

  • box-content1IP
  • box-content2DESIGN
  • box-content3EXPERIENCE

And our experience—spanning social networking, e-commerce, medical, educational, and more—has left us with the know-how to develop…well, just about anything. Our team tackles challenges with both traditional and not-so traditional solutions.

If you can imagine it, chances are we can do it.

Collaborative Development. Custom Engagements.

Nothing’s worse than a development “black box.” App Partner’s highly collaborative and flexible development process helps us translate your vision into an effective custom-built mobile app on your terms. Be as involved as you want to be. Or not. It’s up to you.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional mobile app development relationship or need exclusive access to a dedicated team of developers for your project, App Partner can pull together the very best members of our team to fill the particular needs of your mobile startup.

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4 scaling stage

fast growth or slow burn, it's
time to sustain the climb.

  • establish
    dedicated team &
  • monitor your

scaling stage

fast growth or slow burn, it's
time to sustain the climb.

Scale & Iterate

Agile Sprint

When it’s time for v1.1, get it done in 30 days—no shortcuts.

Like the initial MVP development, conceptualizing v1.1 shouldn’t be about hanging a bunch of new features on your app. It’s about identifying the key opportunities for improvement that will create real value for your users.

App Partner’s Agile Sprint is a collaborative process where we’ll strategically use customer feedback, analytics and creative brainstorming to improve the quality of your app experience post-launch. We help you research, plan and design the best update that will help you reach your goals within budget—and then do the design and development work, too.

Employing agile methodology means we tailor the process to match your exact needs and leverage the ideal resources to deliver an exceptional user experience.

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Dedicated Team

There comes a time when a successful startup needs to scale.

You’ve launched your app, gained traction and have a solid active users base. Your business needs are evolving and you’re ready to increase the pace of enhancements. With a Dedicated Team engagement, App Partner becomes a natural extension of your team—without the overhead.

Make our team your team.

Each member of your App Partner Dedicated Team has a name and a face and sets aside a consistent number of hours every month to work for you and only you. Your project manager, your designer, your developer, your QA tester.

A minimal 3-month commitment means we can provide the high-quality strategic and agile development capabilities you’ve come to expect in an even more flexible way allowing you to take advantage of every new business opportunity and grow at whatever pace you need.

If you’ve gained traction and acquired some additional funding to scale, what you need now is a Dedicated Team.

App Partner Support Program

Launch is only the beginning…

When it comes to high-performing mobile apps, launch is only the beginning. From operating system upgrades to third-party integration points, App Partner’s Support Program ensures your app will run just as well on Day 100 as it did on Day 1.

Keep everything running smoothly. Automatically.

The Support Program is a complete, proactive app support solution offering daily testing, server management and monthly reporting in a single friendly package. From security updates to traffic monitoring, you get everything you need – in one place, at a surprisingly affordable price.

Daily Burn Tests & Data Backups

Daily testing ensures all of your app’s backend systems are working normally and at optimal speeds. Daily data backups provide peace of mind that your users’ data is secure, no matter what.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly reports provide you with updates on how the app is performing. We’ll even review your analytics each quarter and recommend ways to boost performance.

New OS Support

Never sweat new operating system releases from Apple or Google again! We’ll correct any bugs introduced by a new iOS or Android OS launch.

Weekly Server Security Updates

Be confident your app’s data is secure. We’ll automatically find and install any new security patches each week to keep your app—and you users—protected.

Active Server Performance Monitoring

We analyze – and optimize – your hosting environment, so you don’t have to. That
includes performance enhancements and traffic monitoring.

Priority Support

Jump to the front of the line and get the fastest technical app support possible. When it comes to troubleshooting, Support Program members take precedence.

We’re in this for the long haul.

That’s why every app we develop includes six months of free support. And when it’s time for v2, we’ll still be here.

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4 pivoting stage

correcting the course to
optimize growth.

  • strategically modify
  • re-assess business
    model to capture new

4pivoting stage

correcting the course to
optimize growth.

App Partner Mod Account

Making minor modifications quick and easy so you don’t have to break stride.

Some mobile agencies are unwilling to make minor changes after launch unless it’s part of a large update. Here at App Partner we want to provide you with the flexibility to make whatever change you want, whenever you want.

That’s why we provide every client with an App Partner Mod Account. You simply fill it with pre-paid development hours. When you need to make a change, just contact our dedicated support team who will provide a fixed hour estimate and then get the update to the App Store.

No wait, no constraints, and no need to worry about keeping track of a flurry of invoices. When your Mod Account reaches zero, simply refill the bank in multiples of 2-day (16-hour) blocks. To help get you started, every new client gets a free 16-hour block of time in their Mod Account — a value of more than $1500.


App Partner supplies a fixed hour estimate and timeline before we begin. And we won’t deduct additional hours if it takes longer to complete than estimated. If the scope changes, however, we will provide an updated estimate before continuing work.

Design Time

Need to tweak a visual element that doesn’t affect functionality? Design time is banked and withdrawn in the same way as programming time (at 0.7x time).

Research Time

Significant research efforts such as API testing, algorithm building, etc. may require a developer’s involvement, and are thus subject to using banked Mod Account time.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes are not charged against the Mod Account. They are already covered for free under your initial 6-month warranty or an active Support Program enrollment!

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Why App Partner?

Because you’re building a business, not just an app. Success not only starts before development but continues long past launch. You need someone with the chops—and the personal experience— to act as your technical co-founder through every phase.