6 Core Elements of a Top Rated App Description

July 14, 2017

With so many other apps vying for your audience’s attention, how do you convince them to download yours? The answer is in the description.

A relevant, descriptive name

The name of your app will be one of the first things that a potential customer sees. That’s why it’s so important to pick a good name for it. Choose a name that’s relevant to what the app offers, and can tell a customer what it does.

A note taking app like Evernote, for example, gives you a good idea of what the app is for before you even pick it out of the list.

Attention grabbing ‘above the fold’ content

In most app stores, you have around 255 characters to describe your app, before the customer clicks through to read more. As you can imagine, not many readers are going to click if the content doesn’t grab their attention. This is called the ‘above the fold’ content, as it’s what the customer sees first.

“This means that all your most important content needs to be up front and in the first few sentences. If the customer must know it to understand what the app is about, then it should be here. In your first few sentences, you need to get this across.” ー James H. SmithBrisbane Assignment Help Service 

Awards and Accreditations

If your app is good enough, enter into awards and contests. If you get any, make sure that you include them in the description. This shows that your app is better than the second rate apps floating around the store. An award can push someone into downloading an app, just based on your credibility.

Flawless technical writing

A good description needs to be technically perfect. Use the following resources to help you write:


  • Easy Word CountThis tool will help you keep your description to the right length.
  • Grammarly: Grammarly will correct any grammar and punctuation errors.
  • UlyssesThe Ulysses writing app will help youwriting stay clear and focused.


  • Type My Essay: Boom Essays point out how annoying it is when you come across an error in an app description you’re reading. It takes you out of what you were reading and breaks your concentration. Send your description to them, and they can check it for you before you submit it.
  • Marketing Essay Help: If you’re not comfortable with writing your own description, these experts can offer assistance.
  • Do My Assignment: If you want to hire a proofreader, this is the place to do it. You can pick the person you want to proofread your work, and hire them directly. It’s a fast and easy way of hiring a trusted proofreader that knows their stuff.

Highlighted features

Everyone wants to know exactly what the app does, but you don’t have a lot of space to describe everything. When outlining your description, only focus on the app’s main features.

You can also write about your features by framing them as benefits:

  • What problem is it solving?
  • What is it about your app that’s worth downloading?
  • Which innovative features does it have?

A sense of reliability

An app is never completely “done,” because there are always bugs to iron out and improvements to be made.

In your description, tell the reader that you’re dedicated to updating and improving the app in the future. Most importantly, make sure you follow through on your promise. This shows customers that you’re dedicated to delivering the best product possible ー, unlike the issues that they face from less reputable apps.


Include exciting screenshots

Show your app in action. Select screenshots that show the most important aspects of the app. Avoid ‘static’ screenshots of menus, or anything that isn’t relevant to the main user flows. The more relevant your screenshots, the more likely the app is to be downloaded.

Include a trailer

A phenomenal trailer can increase install rates by 25% when done right. Here are a few best practices:

  • Grab attention within the first five seconds
  • Keep it short (15 to 30 seconds)
  • Don’t rely on sound
  • Don’t make it look like an ad


The app store is a hard place to get noticed, but it is possible. If you have a unique concept and a remarkable description, you can convince your audience that your app is worth the download.

Special thanks to Mary Walton for this guest blog post.

Mary is a professional editor at Dissertation Writing Service. She creates online courses to help people improve business writing skills. Also, she is a content manager at Essay Help website. Mary has a Simple Grad blog (read her latest post – Essay Lab Review), you can find useful tips for students there.