5 Myths About Mobile Apps – Debunked!

April 4, 2017

Studies estimate that total app revenue will hit $189 billion as early as 2020 – meaning there’s no longer a need to wonder if app strategies are necessary. The question shouldn’t be, “Do I need an app strategy for my business?” but should instead ask, “How can apps positively influence my business?”

Still, some companies are plagued by doubt and fall victim to believing some of the more popular myths surrounding mobile apps. Here are just a few…

1) App downloads are on the decline

If you believed a few naysayers, you’d think that app downloads had reached their peak and were now decreasing. In reality, there were more than 90 billion global app downloads in 2016, representing an impressive 15% increase over the previous year.

2) Only big players can compete in the app store

Facebook. Twitter. Uber. Rumor has it that if your brand isn’t a household name, you shouldn’t bother wasting time creating an app. But that actually couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want an example of a rather obscure yet undeniable breakout hit, look no further than Pokemon GO. The app store offers a great stage for new, emerging apps, so long as they focus their marketing efforts effectively.

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