4 Insider Secrets on How to Find a Million Dollar App Idea

October 11, 2016

If you want to build an app but have no idea what to base it on, this article is for you. Try using these methods to brainstorm the next App Store hit.


Save Time

They say time is the most valuable resource for a reason. Money is renewable. Time isn’t. People everywhere, regardless of location, are always looking for ways to free up their schedules. Why waste time on something you don’t want to do when someone or something can do it for you instead? By saving people time, you’re also saving them money and energy.

Uber: Instead of expecting your train to arrive on time, calling a regular taxi and then waiting for it or relying on a friend to pick you up from work- Uber is there. This transportation service is easy to use, reliable and fast. The average wait time is under 3 minutes to be exact. This time-saving app is now valued at $62.5 billion. Saving people time is a win-win.


Solve a problem

If you want to create an amazing groundbreaking app, it should solve a problem. People will always have pain points and will always try to have it solved no matter how extreme. If you can figure out an urgent problem and find a way to solve it, your app will be sure to succeed.

Airbnb: “Don’t go there. Live there.” Airbnb solves the need of finding a place to stay. Whether you’re on vacation, a work trip, or just need an overnighter, this app will find and book you a place that’s just for you. Airbnb takes pride in connecting its users to unique travel experiences anywhere at any price. Over 60 million people have used this service and the numbers are still growing.



Take a look through the App Store and find inspiration. You can’t steal these app ideas altogether, but you can improve on them. Take a general concept idea and run with it. What features are missing? How would you make it better? Ask yourself these different questions and figure out if there’s any possible way to either iterate or simplify an existing app.

Meerkat/HouseParty: The live streaming 2015 app sensation, Meerkat, is now dead. Co-founder, Ben Rubin, announced the news on Twitter saying that the company decided to remove it from the App Store. Despite its success, the app was eventually bound to fail due to intense competition with Facebook live. However, the company launched a new app called House party, shortly after. The “new and improved” Meerkat, has brand new features and now aims to attract groups of friends that want to hang out in a private, instead of a public setting. Houseparty already has over one million users and counting.


Turn Something Boring Into Fun

Who doesn’t love games? Gaming is a huge profitable part of the mobile app industry, which means there is definitely a market for it. Back in 2014, gaming apps accounted for 75% of App Store revenue alone. To build on this gaming concept, try brainstorming different boring tasks that people would rather not do. Why? People love gaming but hate doing boring work- so find the solution!

Duolingo: New Year’s day arrives so you decide that learning a new language would be your resolution. A year later, you never followed through with it because you thought it was hard, time consuming and boring, but the creators of Duolingo thought of a solution for this dilemma. Gamified learning. You can now learn over 21 languages in a fun way by playing with Duolingo. The free simplistic app makes language easy by offering self paced courses with colorful, easy to use, cartoon like features. Duolingo has over 1.2 million users and is incorporated in school and academic curriculums across the world.